Thursday, July 30, 2015

ZAPI toothbrush cleaner soldier, bacteria I don't escape!

I bought GE, who know how dirty it with toothbrushes every day! It is not because of your teeth, gums and tongue to sweep away dirt and bacteria, or was placed in the toilet has been "nurtured", hehe, toothbrushes need to "bath" disinfection!

Zapi toothbrush cleaner cool egg-shaped guy, carrying electric device uses germicidal ultraviolet light, to kill the bacteria on a toothbrush.

Simply insert your toothbrush, press a button, Zapi work, works automatically closes when finished. It conjured up, your toothbrush germ/bacteria/virus free and safely stored in the guardian, and simple cleaning, they will be rolled into the sewer.

Zapi compatible with almost all toothbrushes (manual or electric), convenient to carry, as bathroom accessories, it really is a reliable disinfection Warrior. Marc Jacobs mini iPad case

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad Mini Case Olive Raised

[Via] source link says this egg-shaped soldiers £ 24.99, er ... .... The dentist much easier to save money than to the hospital, all right. iPad mini cover Marc Jacobs