Thursday, July 23, 2015

Norway REMIND ME multifunctional storage memo

Norway REMIND ME receive memo to address storage, memo recording, trivia alerts and other three major problems. Installation is very simple, as long as the fixed on the door or on the wall of the entrance, and when at home with need to take things out or stuck on the hook, go out once before to confirm whether all carry-on items; to-do and memo on the Whiteboard, relaxed and orderly planning each day. solar powered generator

Left blue hooks for storage of the soft and flexible, can be hung or jammed cell phone, wallet, keys or headphones and other small objects. Whiteboard available water marker on the right records daily transaction list memo, the sliding button on the right reminds daily chores, such as Windows that shut off the lights to turn off electrical appliances when you leave, lists of essential items before you travel, slide the button can easily tag completion status.

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