Friday, July 24, 2015

#18 # Sun fam-ban ~ sexy jewelry Vesper

You can see it, is full metal necklace design, generous and simple, stylish and modern. You can't see it, are women – private pet massage, gentle, caring, clean and natural. Kaidaer mini bluetooth speakers

Kaidaer Mini Speaker BDL-KD05 FM Radio and USB

Modern sex toy brands CRAVE in 2012, to raise the market DUET massage, increase the jewel family of Vesper. Both wearable jewelry and a powerful micro vibrator. Select it, is there a triumphant dark bright?

Vesper is a stainless steel texture, silver, rose gold plating, as well as 24K gold plated three colors to choose from. Massage switch is located on the top, a key to complete the speed control, switching and other features. Ultra quiet design, USB charging. Size is 26 "stainless steel chain. Now booking free 60 characters personalized laser engraving services. Here. Rose gold gift set already sold out, but didn't think ~ ~ ~ Kaidaer