Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Village Armor Gear Scout Folio Argument Review

Urban Armor Gear, because UAG, has been around for a few years now and features recently been making a big marketing exert towards their new line of cellular telephone and tablet cases. We got an opportunity to checkout their Scout Folio array for the iPhone 6 flip cases and hence Air. The Scout Folio array is geared towards those individuals who consider their devices with them everywhere : whether it be to work or to play. Our cases are made from a soft to the touch, at this point rigid rubberized material with what the organization has trademarked as Frogskin Technology™. This material promises to provide a solid even when the case gets moist. Surprisingly, it does this and does this situation well. The inner side of the Hunt Folio cases are lined along with a microfibre material which is nice and wollig against your phone or tablet's touch screen and won't scratch this situation.

Capital MS Monogrammed Leather iPhone 6 Flip Case

Both the Scout Folio for iphone4 6 as well as the iPad Mini can be military drop test rated : standard: MIL-STD 810G 516. to enjoy. To achieve this certification, a device must be droped from a height of 48 in ., on each face, corner, and in turn. The device is dropped a total associated with 26 times and must provide properly after the test, while not protecting any damage to the touch screen. That's a serious array of shock tests but additionally means you can rely on the the lady to protect your precious electronics.

I actually did experience a couple of issues while using the Hunt Folio line of cases. The first turned out with the Scout Folio for iphone4 6. While taking a call on unit iPhone 6 leather flip case, it got marginally annoying to have the folio flap have hitting the side of my head. My husband and i ended up having to hold it back weblog. On the Scout Folio for hence Mini, I had some difficulty achieving the lock button on the side of the supplement. Also, the iPad Mini case does not have an easy way to open the front corneal flap. The product imagery on the official world wide web site shows a small tab similar to the one particular particular on the iPhone 6 Scout Pliego case – but the one many of received did not have it. I will not say for sure whether or not the one all of us order will have the tab not really.

Overall, Urban Armor Gear's Hunt Folio line-up is a very economical type to protect your devices while further being very good at their occupations. Additionally , the ability to store some extremely important cards in the iPhone 6 Hunt Folio case adds some incredible utilitarian function to the unit. Our Scout Folio for iPhone to enjoy retails for $39. 95 in terms of Scout Folio for iPad Minuscule sells for $49. 95 : both very reasonable on the wallet.

Village Armor Gear Scout Folio Argument Review Score