Monday, June 15, 2015

The disney produtcions 'blacklists' former workers after concentration them to train their foreign replacements

(NaturalNews) It's becoming more obvious than ever that corporations are the ones posting the laws and pulling typically the strings of elected officials. The typical American has grown apathetic toward the govt. because they feel they no longer make a voice. The Americans' voices perhaps may be drowned out by the will using corporations and their oligarchy type of rule among bodybuilders. Another glaring example of this rule among bodybuilders by a dominant few can be found in typically the federal government's H-1B skilled invitee worker visa program. In this product, the government is essentially being used as a n automobile to favor cheap foreign staff over American workers. On the surface, typically the H-1B visa program looks like this compassionate way to give foreign staff opportunities in America and create competition across information and technology career related academic areas. However , at the end of the day, corporations like The Disney Samsung Note 4 case produtcions are using the program to push skilled and therefore experienced American workers out the door to enable them to bring in cheaper labor. There's no a considerable amount of -- just coercion. Loyal Red-blooded american workers are being told to train specific foreign replacements or lose specific severance pay. There's no compassion, the two. After training their foreign substitutions, American workers are let go and in many put on "black lists. "Southern Los angeles Edison replaces skilled IT staff with cheap, foreign laborIn typically the case of Southern California Edison, from 400 and 500 American THINGS employees were replaced by much lower paid workers who were brought into the continent through the H-1B visa program. The unique American employees took home on $110, 000 a year before genuinely shown the door. Outsourcing firms new foreigners willing to work for much smaller pays -- between $65, 000 and therefore $75, 000. The visa product now appears to be just a corporate plot of land for reducing the cost of doing business. Sorts of crony maneuvers are putting collection skilled American workers out of work. All of the now laid-off Americans have tiny bit hope as they navigate a job current market saturated by foreigners who tend to be expedited into the U. S. across record numbers for corporate profit. Southern California Edison and Disney perhaps may be two examples of big industry profiting from00 government programs to cheat sales. Disney takes this one step more completely, blacklisting displaced American workers. The disney produtcions questioned for blacklisting displaced Red-blooded american workersEmails obtained by the Daily Participant News Foundation (DCNF) reveal of which Disney laid off workers in The following year 2015 only to put them on a "black list" that disqualified them on being hired by any The disney produtcions contractor. Before they were let go, typically the laid-off workers were forced to study their foreign replacements. If they rejected, they were told they would be refused their severance package. A former The disney produtcions worker, who wishes to remain undefined, found out about the black list if he sent his resume to a batiment IT recruiting firm. Disney has laid him off in The following year, and he was simply looking for a newly purchased opportunity. He was optimistic because he was seeing in front of me the highest possible rating on his performance presentation, but an email obtained by the DCNF reveals that the recruiting firm encouraged the former Disney worker that he was initially put on a "black list" of which forbid him from working extremely contractor for Disney. "Any The disney produtcions employee who leaves Disney as has a contract end [after being on 18 Months] unless it is a unique problem, has to wait a certain amount of time past to they can be eligible for rehire, " typically the recruiter said in the email. "Usually that time frame is a year for any year and a half. In this situation acquired indeed a year. "A Disney agent emailed the DCNF and considered the recruiting firm likely misinformed the applicant with wrong selective information. The Disney spokesperson wrote especially in an email, "When employees leave on behalf of other reasons, based on the situation, there could be an opportunity required before the person is able to revisit the same function, but in those predicaments, the person is able to return immediately within the different capacity. "Blacklisting displaced Red-blooded american workers is one way that corporations are going to stay in control, cutting costs by expediting cheap foreign labor. In the end, typically the American worker feels like they are the person on the outside looking in, barred through work they once knew and therefore pushed away from the idea of a country they begin to once loved. Sources: http://dailycaller.comhttp://www.freerepublic.com

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Disney 'blacklists' previous workers after forcing them to study their foreign replacements

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