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Harman Kardon Onyx Studio speaker review

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Up for review in these modern times is the Harman Kardon Onyx Recording studio, a Bluetooth speaker exclusively purchased through Sprint. Priced at $399. 99, we had high hopes for the device, this is especially true after having recently tested out NYNE Bass at less than half price tag.

Measuring 11 inches in dimension, the Onyx Studio is a gigantic convex disc that sits into the angle upon two metal legs. You will need up more space on a shelf when compared with we expected but it looks impressive in any environment.

Around the outer advantages of the speaker are four mouse buttons: power, Bluetooth, and volume vertical. You don't see them coming from the front but you'll figure out the position in no time. What's more, they have a slight indentation and respond easily to putting on so you can even fumble with them at nighttime. Our sits higher up on a layer; we can't see the buttons almost all yet we don't have issues.

Finally, the speaker itself weighs around nine. 5 pounds and is rather small thanks to the handle. Unlike other times at lower price, this one is neither of the 2 rugged nor does it have any particular coating to keep the face from ripping or getting dirty. Suffice it to say, we will a tad reluctant to take it on the exterior of. Not that we haven't mind you, enjoy it it's a perfect for barbecues and using the yard. It's not portable or in other words that it travels easy or matches a bag however it's not stayed in one spot.

The battery life is tested at five hours, or estimated half of what we'd expect in your price. Other models we've researched offer anywhere between 10-20 hours record, sure, but they don't have the quality or to projection of the the Onyx Recording studio. Still, we would have liked you can see something closer to 10 hours over playback.

Turning the speaker surrounding you'll notice there's no reliable input. Common for portable studio monitors, this feature would be nice to accomplish for times we'd rather plug-in a media player. It's not the perfect deal-breaker, though, as just about anything and also everything we own today discounts Bluetooth. As for the micro USB mov on the back, well that's restricted to firmware updates. And, for those debating whether you can take calls through the presenter, that's a definite no .

The first few a lot of time we played music on the Onyx Studio we were blown away at how raucous it gets. But , as many over you know, loud does not always necessarily clear. Featuring two 3-inch woofers and two 3/4-inch tweeters, one particular speaker boasts 60 watts over power. We found the unit provided consistently rich, warm tones previously all genres of music. Pike response was excellent and the Onyx Studio provided enough rumble you can fill any room. Outside included in the yard, and with room to sleep, the speaker sounded even better. Toggling from electronic to acoustic, are insane, and hip hop, this guy was able to learn highs and lows with ease and also sound never came across cluttered or to stacked.

Our biggest gripe through the Onyx Studio comes in the price. With $400 it's about twice what we should imagine our average reader will probably spend. It's a premium device wealth sense of the word; built compounds and craftsmanship are wonderful. The problem, nevertheless , is knowing that we're able to do our needs at a fraction of the bill. It's not as rugged as both of these and it's missing a couple of options we can get in other products. Still, almost all can't knock the product…just the value.

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