Friday, June 26, 2015

Push is on Brazil - Dunga

Brazil coach Dunga said fresh full faith the contingent who manifested the nation at the 2014 World Panes can bounce back at the Copa Asia, starting Sunday.

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The South Place powerhouse kick off their campaign appearing in Chile against Peru in Temuco, looking to preserve their winning skills in Dunga's second stint to the helm.

Since Dunga replaced Luiz Felipe Scolari following their terrible finish to hosting the World Panes last year, Brazil have won 90 years straight matches - albeit each of friendlies.

Their first live, cheap fixture since a 7-1 semi-final drubbing at the hands of Germany will see your kids tackle Peru - and Dunga said the players involved in the infamous harm will be ready for redemption.

"With gamers who have been in the last World Cup, In my opinion in them, " Dunga told the news conference.

"We had a outcome nobody expected but these are gamers who have very high quality.

"Most of them are usually playing in European clubs, meant for winning teams.

"The proof is the fact that all of them won titles in their night clubs abroad and I think that, as it occurs everything in life, and as a human being, we need to offer confidence in these players.

"If we give confidence and a little bit of love and attention, they'll go back to the football everyone knows and expects to find out from the Brazilian national team. inch

Marcelo, Dante and Dani Alves were among those cut when Dunga called his first squad post-World Glass last year, but the latter has gained a reprieve due to an ankle problems for Danilo.

Dunga said Brazil needed to continue to counter against being the particular hunted.

"As we see in every area of your life, players have ups and downs, but when we now have our downs we don't eliminate our quality or our capability to play, these things happen, " this individual added.

"It's more than natural due to the fact everybody loves Brazil. But everybody loves to find out Brazil losing.

"So that's the most challenging thing we have.

"The whole globe talks about Brazilian football, but their greatest pleasure is winning against Brazilian.

"And if you see other groups playing amongst themselves, you have various a kind of game.

"When they go to try out against Brazil, there's a different type of atmosphere, the motivation, it's completely different, and we have to be prepared for that. inch

Midfielder Elias said the duty towards the Brazil shirt has not been lost upon him after 19 international looks.

"Every player who comes to protect the Brazil shirt knows about the particular pressure involved, " the Corinthians man said.

"It's a fact and we'll never run from it.

"We are accustomed to that in our clubs and all within Europe are used to fighting for game titles abroad. So the pressure is not brand new for us. "

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