Saturday, May 23, 2015

Karla all set to study thanks to donation pointing to iPhone

FOR most of us, signing up to an iPhone would be a bit of a hassle, but it was the preferred day of Karla Sheppard's soul.

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Karla, who suffers from spina bifida, a hearing deficit and seizures, has always wanted an iPhone 6 cases.

You think she is following her dream of doing exclusive IT course at TAFE together with thought an iPhone and laptop nicely good resources for her study.

Generally the Quota Club of Gladstone been made aware Karla's story and raised $2000 for her to buy technology.

Karla's mother Karen died in 2007. The actual aunt Angela Laing has been your loved one full-time carer since.

"I offer her toileting, dress her force sores, change her catheter television and everything, " she explained.

Mrs Laing also looks after Karla's sister, her own three children together with her mother. Money is solid.

She said the donation would venture a long way.

"Karla started the complete training program two months ago and hasn't the computer for a year, " my friend said.

"We live month to month as well as Blue Care bills, it's not low priced.

"It's ridiculous what we spend on food stores.

"This money has allowed Karla to enjoy something she wants but a fortune need, medical-wise. "

Mrs Laing, who is also starting her own horse ride business from her Calliope home, said Karla was rapt when she bought the phone.

"She only got it yesterday and she picked out a gold one, " my friend said. "She was so which you can. "

Quota Club of Gladstone president raised the money from a five hundred dollars sale on May 2 .

"We usually are pleased to have given the money at someone in the community who needs they, " president Patricia Timm explained.

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