Monday, May 25, 2015

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield examined together for first time in 3 months

C-c-could this be? The whole dreams finally realised - Emma and Andrew back together?

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Before you'll find that a full-on nervous breakdown in thought of their beautiful children, allow us to steady ourselves and focus on Emma.

Aside from looking extra chirpy (probably because she's back with Spiderman iPhone 5 case) the red-haired actress wore one ultra-chic outfit in tones of a khaki and beige.

This big coat caught our eye directly. With that minimalist design and smooth soft texture we presumed You see, the Row or Acne, but this important super chic cover-up is actually off British high street fave Cos! People who knew Emma took time out from your girl's Hollywood schedule to do a bit of Cos shopping, ey?

The best bit? It has the unbelievably still available to buy, just click the anchor text (right) to snap it up from this day forward for a reasonable $175. We'll come to be throwing ours on over ex lover jeans, a crisp white it ought to be and statement heels for an pain-free vibe.

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