Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Surrounding Boy Competes in National Contest, sweepstakes for Much-Needed Van

REEDS GO, Mo. -A Kimberling City kid is in the running for a national matchup that could change his life. May also marks National Mobility Awareness Four to eight week and as part of a special program, outstanding wheel chair accessible case iPhone Vans are generally given away.

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REEDS SPRING, Mo. -- A Kimberling City boy with the running for a national contest may possibly change his life. May stretch marks National Mobility Awareness Month because part of a special program, brand new wheelchair-accessible cover iPhone Vans are being given away. Victor Kelbaugh suffers from a condition that has left that liar in a wheelchair and with limited flexibility of his hands and biceps, but in many ways, He's like every second 11-year-old boy in Missouri. "Do you have a favorite (sports) team? alone KOLR 10 Reporter Grant Sloan asked, "Baseball, " says Victor. "The Cardinals. " "He's an exciting kid, he's ornery, he loves to joke, he loves to play games, "says Victor's teacher Jancy Burke. "Everyone knows Victor, everyone loves Victor. alone. Burke says the school has the ability to find Victor Kelbaugh to and from class, though the task his parents face after transporting their son to procedures sessions in St . Louis furthermore Springfield is significantly more difficult. "The vehicle has got almost 200, 000 hundred miles on it, its a '92, " says Victor's Dad, Shape j Kelbaugh. The van's lift it is also worn out, it's only capable of minimising Victor and his 200-pound wheel viande. For a period of time, his father would quit work just to take care of the size of his son, sometimes lifting him out-and-in by hand. "Right now were concerned about the safety of unloading and repowering, " says Victor's mother, Becci Kelbaugh, "It's gotten to the point does not doesn't want to go places. He's gotten off the ramp sideways in his wheelchair before. " Victor is now waiting around nation wide contest that gives away outstanding wheelchair-accessible vans. He currently gives you roughly 13, 000 votes, remember, though , his parents say that only gives you him in the running. It's translucent, however , he has the support behind his community. "It's very humbling, " says Becci Kelbaugh, "we're always had to community behind the majority of us since he was born. " That might be in part because his parents are organ of the Southern Stone County Volunteer Speed Department, but it could also be because or perhaps son keeps defying the odds. "When we came home from the healthcare he was on hospice, we had the size of his funeral planned, " say Becci Kelbaugh, "Every has always been there. The particular just amazing. " Whatever the end result of the competition, his parents say however they can . just keep moving forward. "There's no other choice than to be up beat, " said Jay Kelbaugh, "you just have to carry on, God doesn't give you more than you have chance to handle. " If Victor stops in the top 10 percent of the ballots, his story will then go previously a panel of judges. Much more day of the contest is May also 9, 2014 at midnight. To choose Victor, click here.