Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Htc Lumia 730 Accessories: Universal Laptop USB Charger, Wireless Speaker, Htc...

Here are the Nokia Lumia 730 accessories that you'll surely because, according to the website of Nokia.

Portable Speaker Hi-Rice SD-108 with TF Card/FM Radio

That portable USB charger has a electric capacity 3200 mAh and let you apply the said device on a bus, a gathering and another place. It is a miniature charger so it means no simple to put it in your pocket.

It has an geographical feature which is free of PVC problematic charger is energy efficient. It is obtainable in 3 colors, blue, yellow while white.

Another Nokia Lumia 730 accessory is the portable wireless sub, it is a wire-free with Bluetooth while NFC. The said speaker could be described as long-lasting which you can play a pop music all night long on a single charge.

The stated that speaker can give you a big bass experiences, and has a powerful load. "The MD-12 is designed with an actuator built in, a new big bass effect when wear nearly any surface. "

Furthermore, the most recent Nokia Lumia 730 accessories might be Microsoft screen sharing for Lumia phones and treasure tag minor. Both of them will soon be available, but generic like no yet date to the moment the accessories will be available.

The said your kid, let you share your screen having the portable NFC disc to connect. Now whether is a movie, an iphone app, video, picture or a PowerPoint lesions, screen mirroring makes your content shine.

The said Microsoft check out sharing is available to other Lumia systems. It can also share on WI-Fi Authorized Miracast phones or tablets.

The previous Nokia Lumia 730 accessory may just be the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini, providing lot thinner compare to previous cheap and lighter too. It is working if your phone has Bluetooth three. 0, or any Lumia devices. That accessory will be soon available, and also compatible for iOS and Bot.

You will find this small speaker via click here. There is another article about mini speaker, visit here.