Monday, September 1, 2014

Years a-changin' for Bendigo contractor

LOADING the day with a series of prescribed helps stretch wasn't the done thing whilst Garry Griffin survivor iphone 5 began his shearing career.

Griffin Survivor iPhone 5 Case

But before the clock strikes 6. 30am his team can be seen heating to improve their performance and life expectancy before their first stride and into the holding pen.

While the Raywood-based creator and wool-producer has now retired our hand-piece, except for the occasional outing, the affected individual manages one or two teams of shearers in the Bendigo area.

Griffin iphone 5 case Shearing began about 10 years ago known as, but Mr Griffin had been making teams together for local garden sheds for several years before that.

And with the ever expanding average age of shearers being one of the really huge dilemmas of the shearing industry, helping is something that's important to this company.

"If you're well trained there's cash in it, " Mr Griffin pointed out.

In recent years the craft has been professionalised, and with the help of levy-funding from Hawaiian Wool Innovation, training and sourcing is now continuous for those who want it.

"The training they offer nowadays is sensible, " he said.

"It's an absolute high-risk industry, they say.

"People exhaust and hurt themselves. "

Shearers and woolclassers are trained practical and can also complete TAFE qualifying criteria at several locations in Triunfo.

"You never stop learning when you start a shearer" – and even our well-seasoned people on the team receive important lessons from sessions because of the trainers, Mr Griffin said.

"Some people can shear but they just can't grind (the shearing combs), certain don't have their footwork quite most effective – there's a whole heap within things that can be worked on to improve progression, " he said.

"They quite possibly help out with things like diet and exercise.

"Even the good old shearers, you see individuals in the morning doing their exercises you now would never have seen that 20 years retroactively.

"You have to behave yourself and uncover after yourself, and you can make a huge income.

"The way I see it, individuals burn themselves out are the your actual who make a bit of money needed for 10 years or so and then go off & blow it. "