Sunday, September 21, 2014

Keith Uhlig column: On bike commute, getting soaked

A bicyclist commute during rush hour pedals System.Drawing.Bitmap a logo designating a bike redirect in Seattle. Seattle is among a considerable number of cities using safety lanes as well as the bike boxes to protect bicyclists. ORG XMIT: WAET202 In this May 31st, 2012 photo, a bicyclist commute during rush hour pedals System.Drawing.Bitmap a logo designating a bike redirect in Seattle. For many in Chicago, the image of a typical cyclist is a Spandex-clad, yellow-jacketed two-wheeled warrior who décidé the steep streets of this location. But as the city prepares to renovate its five-year-old bike plan, many are seeking to make the city safer as well as the friendlier to those not so accustomed to browsing through the streets on two train wheels. There's a new push to get ìwilling but waryî cyclists on their saddles with protected bike lanes buffered from traffic, designated bicycling arrivée where traffic is slowed as well as the walkers and bikers have top, and traffic calming features get pleasure from speed bumps. (Photo: AP apply photo)

Waterproof iPhone Case with Earphone & Strap for Cell Phone

"It's not iPhone 4 waterproof cases, it will is water-resistant. "

The saleswoman was explaining the capabilities connected with bike messenger bag to me, this past year in a cool shop in Fargo, North Dakota. I bought the may because it is hip and cool.

Authored didn't worry about waterproof iPhone 4 caseing because Authored hate riding a bike in the rain. Whether or not it's raining, I thought, I won't ride System.Drawing.Bitmap bike. That was a serious lapse all over judgment, a bit of hubris which intended that, even though I often wear my bike to get to work, I'm able to outfox the unpredictable patterns including Wisconsin weather.

The water-resistant notice came back to me on a recent Friday morning as the first few drops did start to fall. It was 8: 45 hacia. m. and I had just began my three-mile commute, pedaling system gray gloom. Thunder rumbled the queen's. My pants, T-shirt, dress t-shirt drucken lassen, socks and underwear were in that particular leaky bag along with my purpose computer.

Options flashed. I could reverse for home. Or I could put me down, shift up a attire and pedal hard in an attempt to out raced the storm.

I raced all the rain. Another lapse in to turn into thinking. By the time I reached Sturgeon Eddy Road, water gushed in the sky. I was soaked. Thunder damaged and lightning slashed.

I ducked into the entry way of the Aspirus Clinic near the corner of Sturgeon Eddy and Grand Avenue, deciding the storm will last only a couple including minutes. Mistake three. Ten on foot later, shivering, I thought about wanting information about my doctor to give me a weather to work. Instead, I remembered I usually keep a waterproof plastic may in my water-resistant bag. I stashed the computer (still dry, whew! ) and my clothes into that most plastic bag, put the bundle at the messenger bag and ventured on.

The advantage of being drenched is that it simply cannot get any worse, and cars they were particularly careful around me as soon as i rode the rest of way to the Wausau Daily Herald. (Thank you, person! )

If you've read anything about peda bike commuting, it likely was an consistent message. The typical narrative is that commute by bike makes one trimmer, healthier and helps preserve the environment. That is all true.

But there is some sort of unpleasant Yang to offset that most favorable Ying, and it's something to make sure you contemplate when embarking on any bi-cycle journey.

My advice: Don't let the site stop you. Buy a waterproof bag. Never to try to race the rain.

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