Monday, September 8, 2014

Intel and Fossil Group Team Up to publish Technological Fashion

If there is any doubting that technology is trying to lose it's unfashionable image, the recent public of Intel and Fossil iPhone case Collection teaming up together should stated that to rest. The two companies, some sort of leaders in their respective industries, have now announced a partnership to push forward possibilities which incorporate technology in a advanced and highly functional manner. Extremely great news for those who would like their technological innovation to be more fashioned forward.

FOSSIL iPhone 5/5S Case Stripes

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Generally the partnership is a plus for some sort of companies. It gives each the opportunity to refer to each other incorporating the latest technologies will be a way so they appeal to those with a way orientation rather than simply toward techies, broadening the appeal of the technological innovation to more consumers for Intel, and giving FOSSIL iPhone 5 Group an alternate demographic to sell its fashion crafts. Fossil Group also gains the advantage of Intel's investment group. so it look at emerging technologies, which it can that is when incorporate into fashion even before one of the technology becomes mainstream. This should unpleasant boon for both companies along with your current consumer wearable technology model. Intel recently announced an route to improve Parkinsons research with wearable gadgets.

In the press release, General Administrator for the New Devices Group and then Intel VP Mike Bell mentioned, "The combination of Intel's technology and then Fossil Group's ability to design state-of-the-art fashion accessories and to create, market and then distribute globally is why we are hopeful about this initiative. We are focused on recognizing trends and emerging uses using technology and accelerating wearable technological innovation innovation worldwide. "

Fossil Collection CEO Kosta Kartsotis also left a comment, "We are very excited about collaborating who have Intel and working to develop the followed innovation in the emerging wearable technological innovation space. Combining our fashion living style brands with Intel's expertise here in technology, hardware and innovation ought to position us to be a leader because of this segment. "

The collaboration will assist to both companies address the expanding consumer demand of wanting advanced wearable technology, rather than simply wearable technology. A good example of this trend System.Drawing.Bitmap Beats has done for headphones and then where the entire "smartwatch" category is actually heading. Both have been considered geek-oriented in the past, but are quickly becoming making a fashion statement. By creating wearable technology carrying out fashionable enough to wear in itself with the benefit of cutting edge technology as an integrated benefit, both companies are hoping the full segment will explode into a variable billion dollar business.