Saturday, May 7, 2016

Two fishing vessels have been in the Dalian ocean waters east of the island

Xinhua News Agency, the client May 7, reporters from the Dalian related Department, 6 people on board fishing vessels, "Liao puyu 25200" on May 7 was reported lost; has lost "Zhuang Yu Liao 65142" has lost about 50 hours, 8 persons on board. Dalian is search and rescue organization. Birth mother for the first time to victims of

According to reports, the maritime search and rescue Center in Dalian on May 7, respectively, two boats lost in the morning alarm. "Liao puyu 25200" at a distance of 33 nautical miles southeast of Dalian Ocean Island waters out of touch; "Zhuang Yu Liao 65142" lost about 50 hours, police claims that other fishing vessels in the waters near Dalian 32 nautical miles in the direction East-Sea Island found a fishing boat turned upside down, verified after arrest of ships as "Zhuang Yu Liao 65142", 8 per person on board lost.

Maritime, Marine Fisheries Department of lost fishing vessels now began to organize search and rescue. The cause of the accident is not yet determined.