Thursday, May 5, 2016

Li ruigang explain Chinese culture evolution the comprehensive development

Li ruigang, explain Chinese culture

In 2016, "the Summit of Asia-Pacific operators (APOS)" on the backdrop of (second from left), disclosed the development ideas.

Already famous reputation of Chinese culture (CMC) will in the future "evolution"?

Recently, Li ruigang, Chairman of Chinese culture in 2016 "Summit of Asia-Pacific operators (APOS)" tells the story of his ideas.

Mr Li said, "the Chinese culture for producing high quality content can do online, such as the Internet and mobile promotion and online sites such as theme park promotion, real and comprehensive realization of online and offline interactive ' value system ' will be a full range of value-added content and IP development. "

Under the backdrop of Agency, CMC is currently in film, television, sports and lifestyle have been carried out in the areas of investment, future hopes to invest more in terms of content and IP. Meanwhile, the Chinese culture has also set up a new platform, focused investments in Internet and mobile.

The annual "Summit of Asia-Pacific operators (APOS)" is the Asia-Pacific region and the world's most influential media, telecommunications and entertainment industries Summit, 2016-Summit was held in Indonesia.

Starting in 2014, Li ruigang, Chairman of Chinese culture has three times in a row as APOS keynote speeches at the opening of the Summit. APOS Summit this year, Mr Li as "China and the world" theme plate opening keynote speakers, highly-anticipated. But the Summit also CMC special breakfast meeting was organized specially for Chinese culture over more than 70 of the world's most influential media, entertainment, television, the cable network, telecommunications network operators attended by senior, experience under the CMC micro-whale TV products, and communicate with CMC executive team.

Asia-Pacific, and North America, and European most important of media entertainment content suppliers, and platform operators attended has this times Summit, like, United States Fu grams Republika company (FOX), and Viacom Sam company (Viacom), and Sony Pictures (Sony Pictures), and United States times Warner its special na broadcast company (Turner), and Disney (Disney), and Silicon Valley well-known VR company Jaunt, and United Kingdom broadcast company BBC, and Hong Kong maximum of TV institutions TVB TVB,, which, Many partners or investment enterprise of the Chinese culture.

Investments in media and entertainment content is still King

Chinese cultural industries Fund set up in 2010, while the holdings of Chinese culture was established in 2015. Just a few years, Chinese culture in media and entertainment, Internet and mobile, lifestyle, three areas of investment and operating a large number of domestic and overseas leading enterprises in the industry, build and has many well-known brands and teams.

Last year alone, Chinese culture are making major investments include: Warner Brothers to create Flagship Studios, a joint venture stake in Manchester City Football Club's parent company city group, shareholder of TVB, receiving investment United States virtual reality company Jaunt.

According to Mr Li introduced to Chinese culture, PE is used in the mode of operation of the Fund, while last year the newly established holding group is more long-term, strategic and operational investments. In the field of media and entertainment, which currently has a number of investments.

Chinese culture's first investment in the field of media and entertainment. In August 2010, the CMC investment and holding the original belongs to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation's Star TV Chinese channel, XING Kong International, Channel v music channel Channel Star Chinese film library Fortune Star business. This is the first investment of CMC, and subsequently established stars Chinese media companies, under the jurisdiction of bright star productions. In its investment after one year, Star TV to profitability.

"Star has been operating well in China, benefits from having a strong operations team, bright stars of its production has produced a series of ' China ' title music dance talent show and other shows. Last year, the bright star of the net profits of more than US $ 100 million, which have greatly improved than before. We will continue to invest in this area. "Mr Li said.

Shanghai media system was born, "grand opening" investments and television backdrop for the content industry naturally have their own judgments.

Analysis of Li ruigang, under the impact of Internet and other online content, development of Chinese traditional linear broadcast TV has been greatly affected, lots of ground and satellite channels in the future may face losses or maintain a situation, this situation is accelerating evolution. Traditional TV will be the winner of the State, a handful of national broadcast TV platform forming the top echelon, competition is very fierce, adsorption of the vast majority of advertising resources. And camp behind the vast majority of television channels or adopt a defensive posture, control costs and keep regional markets eke out, or more laggards may gradually like a print newspaper media to rely on financial support from the Government. And vulnerable channel up the top channels of less and less space, cost more and more.

"Likewise, the online space such as BAT big three entry, will maintain the separatist State in a long time, copyright and bandwidth costs are still high, and flow of funds for the addition to test itself is the background of the original system of the building, as well as a variety of liquidity and innovation, including the in-depth development of users and data. "Mr Li said.

Opportunities found by the backdrop, he pointed out that fierce competition has provided more opportunities for content creators, and CMC in television dramas, TV content production has also invested nearly 20 domestic content production companies. (Note: the current hit TV series the Ode to CMC's production company high noon sun was a stake)

Worth noting is that Chinese culture and overseas exchanges, both established in the country similar to the DreamWorks joint venture company in the East, and its investment tentacles into Europe and America.

For cross-border investment, international cooperation, Li ruigang said CMC's focus is to promote more original power from local, an overseas model simply means. This is also consistent with the planning strategy of the Government. At present, the Government is considering more to boost original local content.

Physical investment in the entire value chain leader

Countries have proposed "2025 to achieve total more than 5 trillion yuan of sports industry", this is a great outlet.

Starting from 2015, accelerating Chinese culture into sport, and deep, become extremely notable role in sports field.

After a year of operation, upstream and downstream of the Chinese culture in the sports industry connect events copyright, sports development, media platforms, content creation, sports training, athlete agents, venue management, and other aspects of sports marketing, especially on the middle and lower reaches of the chain in football, the Chinese culture has basically completed the cover.

Backdrop of said, CMC can said is in China sports industry investment aspects of lead who one of, CMC currently in sports aspects of planning rendering out full industry chain layout of form: its body Austrian power operation in the Super, and China of team, copyright; investment students Football League and city inter Football League; investment Sheng force family, development sports marketing and athletes brokers; shares Premier powerhouse Manchester City Club; investment shares sports marketing and events venues operators Suo Fude sports; investment fighting Union, and Micro-game sports several sports business company immediately there will be a series of important layout of strategic investment and will be released.

Contemporary Chinese culture shock from a copyright message, just purchased a 5-year high of 8 billion yuan over copyright, which in 2 years the price of 2.7 billion yuan of new media distribution of copyright music depending on the sport.

However, the backdrop of think more clearly. He said sports resource distribution is not limited to copyright, copyright business intermediaries earn is "fast money", while CMC powered concept is not all earn quick money. So far, CMC took in all matches of Chinese football broadcast rights, but CMC events copyright interest not only in football, won't give up because of more focused on the long term business copyright with full traditional advantage business.

"We intend to establish production center, upon completion of the live signal produced on the basis of use reserved resources to produce more content, serving growing OTT platforms, including our own micro-whale TV. In addition, we also in other aspects, such as: administering local League to promote market-oriented transformation of the existing League; the birth of a new race, combat sports such as boxing, wrestling, and other sports events. We also do sports talent management, such as players ' agent, venue management, and so on, we focused on these lines run user experience and the value of the data, we think that this is a great potential for future opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to develop sports industry of the whole industrial chain, and achieve long-term development through ecological systems. "Mr Li said.

In addition, Mr Li now has an additional layer of identity. Last December, the Chinese Football Association to the general election Mr Li and current national team coach Gao Hongbo of China Football Association Executive Committee.

CMC Gene evolution: "r" become the new genes, micro-whale into the Southeast Asia market

In late April, Chinese culture and its micro-whale science in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen through the VR Strategy Conference was held live.

Concurrently a tiny whale Li ruigang, Chairman of science and technology at the press conference that "r" will become the Chinese culture following the project investment and industrial operation of a third gene, making content innovation, a platform for the development of the third focus, start creating "CMC Media Innovation Lab".

In August 2015, micro-whale science and technology initiated the establishment of Chinese culture, and investors such as Alibaba and Tencent, China national radio, after half a year of development, micro-whale science has already covered the areas of smart TV, VR.

Now, was Chinese culture depending on for "technology gene of" starting lineup of micro-whale technology, has released has cover technology innovation, and equipment development, and content creative making of VR full value chain strategy layout; with independent development of VR camera and the VR Head explicit, micro-whale established 1 billion yuan VR innovation industry Fund, created thousand people very guest innovation team, build contains game, and fully art, and live, and Panorama video, and 10,000 hours of documentaries and short films VR products two years to break through the limits of existing technology to make standard VR movies and TV product.

Chinese culture and micro-whale science and technology is working to become the industry leader in the crowded map of VR.

Chinese culture is one of the earliest companies to enter areas of VR, with many VR Silicon Valley leaders have maintained close cooperation. Such as foregoing investment in Jaunt made it one of the earliest Chinese investors access to international VR's top companies.

In 2016, the Chinese culture and NextVR hand in hand, as China's most important cooperation partner. Micro-whale technology of early team more is in 2014 on began has VR equipment development and content creative, and making and accumulated, is domestic first home completed mass fully art site, and fashion celebration, and electronic competitive and sports events VR content making and the transmission of technology company, in technology level, and making standard, and content category rich degree, and professional talent accumulated, aspects are in domestic leading status, is domestic VR field systematic built pioneer and deep who. Micro-VR head whale 2K low-light ultra high definition screen will be used, with low 19ms display delay and optimized for the depth of the VR VR ROM, high accuracy, and reduce dizziness has achieved an important breakthrough.

However leading hardware based, create good content experience is the core competitiveness of the micro-VR of whales.

Relying on the powerful resources of Chinese culture, micro-VR of whales in various categories of content production have been important breakthroughs were made.

Like micro-whale teamed up Chan star making produced of China good songs achieved has domestic first large variety show of full VR recording, this is domestic first using 360 ° 3D panorama light field technology for large variety show recording, real restore variety show of site experience; teamed up body Austrian power, and Cheng Lishi home two home sports company, making domestic first VR version football events--China National woman football team against Costa Rica women's, and Zou Shi Ming boxing game, Let field outside experience who feel and site audience as of hot atmosphere and immersed type watch experience; addition, artificial handheld and water Xia robot phase combined for marine world water Xia VR shooting, solution water Xia complex light space of shooting and synthesis, for future deepwater no VR shooting accumulated data and experience, rendering colorful beautiful of Harbour world; micro-whale VR while is and Jaunt cooperation making China Kung Fu video, in action capture technology, and late mosaic mode, aspects challenge high difficulty of VR making.

Worth noting is that at home after the first VR camera, micro-whale years will soon be released the second generation VR helmet and other hardware.

Includes intelligent hardware and television micro-whale, Terminal platform, currently has over 50 million users in China, and hope can make this year more than 80 million users, and gathered more than 150 million users in three years. Micro-goals for the future of whales is annual sales of 50 billion. The people s daily published an article how to

Also explore overseas markets is another important current micro-whales strategic business direction. Micro-whales have begun cooperating closely with local companies in Southeast Asia, building distribution platform and the user entry, made in conjunction with local content producers, opening up the local market. This year will be two offices in Manila, Jakarta, and localized operations team.