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Trek APAC solid state transformers web analysis and opportunity assessment 2014 - 2020

Explore APAC real state Transformers Note 3 case market analysis and thus opportunity assessment 2014 - 2020

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A Solid State Transformers Samsung Note 3 case is capable associated easily replacing a conventional transformer inside electrical system. Major applications of SST include locomotive and other traction components, offshore energy generation systems (wind, tidal or any other source) and thus smart (power) grids.

With the rise in use of renewable energy and distributed powers, use of traditional transformers has increased the most important complexity of the electrical power grids. To become able to overcome this complexity, there is really need to adopt newer technologies to ensure more desirable control and more reliable operation inside the grid. Transformers are fundamental aspects of any power distribution system. Nonetheless , this system does have certain drawbacks similar to voltage drop under load, level of responsiveness to harmonics and performance degradation below system disruptions and overload. The temptation to cope with these disadvantages is acquiring and maintaining importance as supply of quality electric is one of the major issues in the new scenario. A solid state transformers (SST)is considered a key enabler for electric grids, as they provide better control of the system, with high load handling efficiency as well as efficient bi-directional power blood flow.

A SST is capable of without problems replacing a conventional transformer in an utility system. Major applications of SST use locomotive and other traction systems, out sourced energy generation systems (wind, tidal or any other source) and wisely (power) grids.

SSTs are able to bring power at 400 Hz allow it to also be used as three-phase electric system from a single phase grouping, which is difficult to obtain from customary transformers. Depending upon its topologies, SSTs can be classified as:

AC on to AC buck converter SST that have and without a DC link Three-stage SST The SST market is inside nascent stage. It has huge web potential in the distribution network associated power grids. The overall market is likely to grow at a double-digit CAGR linking 2012 and 2020. The APAC region is estimated to make clear the highest market share by 2020. Brainy grids is expected to be the leading segment among the aforementioned applications. My expenditure on smart grids was highest in Asia Pacific, specifically in China, which occupies largest commodity in the region.

Major energy storage capacity improvements, installation of renewable energy generation capacities, financial savings into power transmission and cession infrastructure are the chief drivers inside the solid state transformers market world wide. Manufacturers are now engaging into foremost research and development efforts to bring SSTs directly into commercial installation and deployment nonetheless , cost-competitiveness will be a major challenge for all the manufacturers..

Some of the major players looking for solid state transformers technology remain ABB (Switzerland), Siemens AG (Germany), Alstom (France), Schneider Electric SOCIAL FEAR (France), Avago Technologies Limited (U. S. ), Bombardier, Inc. (Canada), Cooper Power Systems (U. 's. ), SPX Transformers (U. 's. ), GE (U. S. ), Duke Energy (U. S. ), Plasmatechnics, Inc. (U. S. ), Selco (U. S. ), Varentec (U. S. ) and Gridco Systems (U. S. ). A more important components manufacturing companies in the field of SST hi-tech are CREE, Inc. (U. 's. ), STMicroelectronics (U. S. ), Infineon Technologies (Germany) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan). SSTs are increasingly being tested majorly in Europe and thus North America.

SSTs ideally solve wounds such as saturation of core associated nonlinear load, poor voltage guidelines and bulky systems, and they also work as an energy router for smart main grid energy network, thus improving capacity of its application areas. The real state transformer does not utilize a lot of hazardous liquid dielectrics, thus giving the game an edge over conventional transformers. Brainy grid and traction transformers represent substantial market opportunity to solid nation transformers. Commercialization for SST was low currently, but this is likely to increase over the next two years due to research and development efforts by companies and thus add-on benefits.

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