Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Batman v Superman trailer update coupled with Jared Leto's Joker look tempted by Suicide Squad director

Batman phone case v Superman: Dawn of Consideration is just a little over a year off release but Warner Bros (WB) has not yet released any teaser trailer of the film. Fans should be hoping the film's eagerly-awaited beforehand trailer could release anytime presently, but strong rumours suggest it would be attached to the WB's upcoming procedure film – Mad Max: Ferocity Road.

Superhero iPhone 5 Case Batman

"Latest news reveals which a trailer for the upcoming Batman iPhone 5s case sixth v Superman film will be revealed in the premiere of Mad Max: Ferocity Road on May 15, " these kind of a Moviepilot report.

Similar rumours commenced before the release of WB's Jupiter Ascending, so it remains to be seen whether associated with latest rumours turn out to be true.

One rather interesting time to release this BvS trailer could be during the finish of Arrow season 3. Despite the WB and DC entertainment have got consciously decided to keep the DC motion picture and TV world separate, very good of Arrow and the hype overall the BvS trailer will mutually benefit both mediums of the same istruzione.

Meanwhile, on the subject of DC Cinematic Univers - Suicide Squad director He Ayer has teased actor Jared Leto's new look as The Joker.

Leto's rather long locks are gone and it seems the ultra-modern Joker will look quite similar to this fan-art which was created some time ago:

Fan paintings of Jared Leto as The Joker(Bosslogic Inc)

Batman v Superman: Birth of Justice opens on 31 March, 2016 and Suicide Group is slated for a 5 May, 2016 release date.