Friday, August 1, 2014

Christchurch house flooding 'a success'

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Slow flooding of Christchurch home has started

Christchurch City Council testing offers for flooding

An experiment for you to flood a red-zone house operating in Christchurch to test new best waterproof iPhone 4 caseing system is being hailed as a success.

The building was seen as painted with a waterproof coating in addition moat was constructed around the house delete word flooded with 2000 litres among water on Friday.

The property stayed 'flooded' until this afternoon in order to measure the effectiveness of the waterproofing.

Christchurch Town Council's John Mackie says that even though a very small water made the way under the house, it was capable of being pumped away, and no water arrived anywhere near floor level.

He admits that the result is encouraging because the home being tested was badly broken and rtting in some places.

The process is recognized as 'house-tanking' and is one of the preventative immediate solutions that the Mayoral Flood Taskforce ordered to be tested following the number of devastating floods in Christchurch recording.