Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Have a pleasant day to Juicy Couture in the USA

Never thought that the chain to blame for the overpriced JUICY logo engraved on many a well-shaped derriere would ever shut its opportunities.

Juicy Couture iPhone 5 Case Pink Flamingo

According to Huffington Post, Juicy Montage is closing its US brick-and-mortar shops in June. Apparently the approach to life brand had been struggling over the past little while, even to the point of signing a deal breaker to sell its clothes at Kohl's.

Don't get me wrong--I love buying things at Kohl's, but a mid-range department store is a long shot from your exclusive brand boutique. During my misadventurous year at UCSB, I used to head into their store in Santa Barbara. The inner decor was super cool and girly, although the merch was already unsurprisingly overpriced.

Juicy sweatpants felt popular in the early to middle 2000s. During my misadventurous year at UCSB, I saw a lot of girls sporting the type of Uggs + Juicy sweatpants appliance. I was never a fan of the sweatpants or the tracksuits--I couldn't justify unloading that much cash for some expensive messeges stamped on my butt (or way down my leg). I did like the cool Juicy satchel with the hanging attraction though.

Goodbye, Juicy. You had the perfect run as an iconic brand in the us. Thanks to you, many sweatpants felt elevated from their humble status amongst frumpwear to an image of lazy poshness. Supposedly you are making a comeback in the future spring. Maybe you can inject plenty of freshness into the brand. Maybe this the end for you just yet.

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