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Chongqing girls from playground falls dead families awarded 870 000 event 3

6:30 P.M. February 4, cover news (thecover.CN)-this huaxi City newspaper reporter arrived at Fengdu County, Chongqing City Cultural Park in China. Just more than 30 hours ago, a teenager killed for this. Due to the recreational facilities "in space" equipment belts break 13 years old sweet and was thrown into the air and died.

Chongqing girls from playground falls dead families awarded 870,000, event 3 big questions remain:

The scene. Man lying drunk in the streets for more than 10

According to the State administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine notification, following a preliminary investigation, the cause of the accident for seat belt fracture, security bars are not an effective pressure.

Catch on is a copy of the inspection report, the amusement equipment quality check just 2 months ago, inspection, but on the website, but only has a single inspection information for 2013.

4th 10:30 P.M., reporter contacted sweet father. He said, the two sides have reached agreement on a compensation agreement and related agreements have been signed, from amusement parks involved compensation of more than 870,000 yuan.


Scene sealed off all of the rides are closed

6:30 P.M. February 4, gate of Fengdu County, Chongqing City, China Culture Park bit out of it. Through the gate, turn left along a lane to the end, is the accident of "space" amusement equipment, deformation of the fence seemed to tell the story of the tragic and shocking. Play equipment has been covered with a layer of fabric, affix seals. Through the white cloth, can see vaguely right third seat the seat has been skewed, according to watch people to disclose, 13 year old dead sweet (not her real name) is sitting in this position.

Chongqing girls from playground falls dead families awarded 870,000, event 3 big questions remain:

An accident of "space" amusement equipment. Cover news

Looking for a week, reporters found this little amusement park covers an area of, with "pirates" and "Hurricane flying Chair" and many other devices, are currently closed. On the price list, the "space" priced at 15 yuan per person.

"At car Shang (travel space project) people is more, altogether 16 a seat, only several vacancy," one unwilling to revealed name of witnesses said, 2 o'clock in the afternoon after, project just began soon, a girl on was throwing up, hanging in air, "just began she seems was seat card live has, also tries to with hand to caught handrails, but soon on was dumped out has".

Sweet wounded was rushed to Fengdu County people's Hospital for emergency treatment, but died. A 13 years old girl this fall.


Parents Lodge hotel compensation issues have been settled

For Gan Mu, her daughter's accidental death, like a thunderclap, she cried all night and didn't sleep a wink. Couples lodging in a hotel two blocks away from the Park, because of too much grief, they declined interviews with reporters.

Gan Mu buddy Madam Leung to talk about it, the feeling was. Sweet and her daughter are "Mao Gener" friends, the two men with the reading of a primary school, who will be in the same junior high school. "Sweet usually obedient, docile and cheerful," Ms Leung said 3rd friends party after dinner, the sweet cousin said to ride, then two out. Gan Mu only after receiving a phone call, said her daughter had an accident.

Chongqing girls from playground falls dead families awarded 870,000, event 3 big questions remain:


In the eyes of another elder surnamed Cao, sweet dreams was to become a long-distance runner. "She is 1.7 metres in height, often running in the school's game-winning, once said she wanted to be a track and field athlete. "Cao woman sighed again and again, sweet was the only child of the age of 13, parents love and solicitude, sudden death led many relatives was difficult to accept.

It is understood, after the incident, Fengdu county authorities had with sweet parent contact and consultations on compensation issues. As of press time, both sides have agreed unanimously.

Sweet father said had signed compensation agreement, from amusement parks involved compensation of more than 870,000 yuan.


Doubt 1:

12 years old to ride up my cousin why 9?

The scene, notes on the passengers hanging on the railing outside the rather brash: "12 years of age and 1.2-meter the following is strictly prohibited on board the". According to Madam Leung said, when riding with the sweet "space" there are 9 year old cousin Gan Hong (a pseudonym), the two sat next to each other, "according to the rules, under 12 years cannot sit, so why sit Gan Hong? Also, around children and guardians. "

According to the site, a student said, last summer, she also travelled "in space" project, a ticket, staff are not required to produce a valid identity document, to show that the real age.

Doubtful point 2:

Annual website 2 months ago only 2013 inspection information

In accordance with the provisions of the regulations on safety supervision over special equipment, and large pleasure facilities belonging to the special equipment must be checked on a regular basis.

Posted at the site of the amusement facility periodic inspection report says, the latest inspection time is December 12, 2016, inspection results 5th, 25, does not meet the requirements after rectification, approval. Qualified less than two months, accidents happen.

Reporters found that the unit of equipment is one called "Zhang Hui" who issued the report, Chongqing is the special equipment inspection and Research Institute (hereinafter "the special survey in Chongqing"). Chongqing special survey on its Web site, enter the device code and other information, only one result: device type rides, Fengdu, inspection time is November 4, 2013 7:45.

Inspection time inconsistent with inspection reports? Reporter contacted Zhang Hui, the other to "busy" declined to be interviewed because of late, failing to get in touch with Chongqing special survey.

Doubt 3:

What specific reason is still there

4th, the State administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued the circular, released preliminary findings and inform other parts of the country have the same equipment of 18 amusement.

The circular said, on February 3, Fengdu County, Chongqing City Sanhe Street Park, a large amusement ride accidents occurred, resulting in one death. Device name is "space". After initial exploration, passengers use seat belts break on the device, security bars are not an effective compression, in the specific cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Chongqing girls from playground falls dead families awarded 870,000, event 3 big questions remain:

Broken belt. Cover news

To ensure the safety, entertainment and travel, special order China to suspend all use of large-scale recreational facilities in the Park. While the rest of the playground immediately stop use of company equipment, by using contact units manufacturing units to carry out troubleshooting until the cause of the accident to identify and confirm that the equipment is safe, can be put back to use.

Playground • out of tragedy

XI "windmill speed" out of 3 visitors

On September 15, 2013, large recreation equipment in Qinling, joy to the world "speed windmill" breathtaking scene occurs in the running, 3 tourists were thrown out from the air, after rescue, 3 injured condition stable. Identified due to operator error.

Shaanxi shangluo "yelling" throw in a 17 year old girl was killed

On February 20, 2015, shangzhou district, Jin Feng shan amusement park accidents occurred, a 17 year old girl off his belt after the play ended, was suddenly running rides "Battalion" into a altitude and swing landing surfaces, died after the rescue.

Henan placanticline "space flying saucer" out of 19 people

On April 6, 2015, the copper pagoda Street in changyuan County, Xinxiang city, Henan temple fair, rides "space flying saucer" fails, the rotating Rod break, 19 were left, 1 person injured for fractures, and 18 persons slightly injured.

Zhejiang Pingyang "scream" dump fly 5 traveler 2 killed, 3 wounded

On May 1, 2015, Kunyang town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Yongsan Park Playground, visitors sit on the "scream" amusement device, even before the belt buckle of the case, the machine runs ahead, leading to 5 tourists left on the spot fly, 2 dead, 3 injured.

(Originally entitled a 13 year old girl in Chongqing's playground death awarded 870,000 event 3 of the big questions unanswered)