Wednesday, April 1, 2015

AXOR faucets: see the look of flowing water

Faye sings in a song: landscapes seen through, maybe you can accompany a nostalgist. The lyrics, poetic and romantic enough, but it also reveals a hint of sadness. In fact, sometimes, let people accompany you, better with companionship. Because you love or don't love, right there, not abandon it. Marc Jacobs iPhone+

Just like this from France designer Philippe Starck to Germany brand Hansgrohe faucets made of--AXOR Starck v, is poetically exist. It has a transparent body, will allow owners to see flowing graceful lines, the water was swirling out in an elegant arc, falling into the pool again, this pleasing picture, didn't know before will not remain standing when you wash it, forgot to slip through time has been hurriedly ... ...

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AXOR transparent body, made of crystal glass or sandblasted glass formed, can be applied to different upper nozzle. In addition to styling outside charming crystal glass is stain-resistant and easy to clean qualities, and can be placed in the dishwasher cleaning features, amazing it is not art to "distance only and should not be treated disrespectfully yan" of the State, it's also quite grounded.

[via] Marc Jacobs iPhone plus

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