Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Of the Polka Dot Flea Part One

The polka dots iPhone 5 case Flea A portion One

White Polka Dot TPU iPhone 5 Case

I have sooo much to contact you about the polka dot iPhone cases Flea, I hardly know where to start.

I will not keep you in suspense..... It was vast success!!!!

They didn't just mattress group waiting for the doors to open, there was each line out the door for 2 hours that's why it didn't even start to taper the net until about 1: 30 somethin on my wall. People were still showing up at a couple of: 30 and the show closed via 4pm!!

I was so nervous in regards to having all of the spaces marked the net correctly because there were so many difficulties with air conditioners and beams circumstances that had tents and advisable electric.... etc . etc .

The companies refreshment table was set up around the ticket booth. With chips in just the fertilizer spreader on the left and liquid in the stand on the right......

...... Treats and ice cold lemonade.... With polka dot napkins of course

 Yuk, I hate pictures of myself, but these were really the only pictures I have of the windmill to other areas outside the venue

And the bike against the railing with garland between the posts and so paper flowers in the planters

Of the swimming hole greeted guests near the door

I got my booth hooked up before the other vendors arrived while using two incredible ladies. Eileen business I met through blogging definitely drove down from Virginia towards show, it was so exciting on the way to finally meet her! She and so her hubby helped with set up and so take down and Eileen handed out Polka Dot Flea bags at the address for hours and helped in my presentation areas.

The other life saver was Becky produced by Time Washed Who helped hooked up and worked my booth through the show. The only picture I have created by Becky is her photo bombing these two sweet ladies with their Polka Dot Flea bags... See your spouse on the right lol!

Here's my once beautiful mosaic dress form and even though everything didn't sell, it started the majority of conversations....

It wasn't long before men and women started hauling out their secrets

.... loading up their trucks and so coming back for more!

I have so much more to exhibit you....... The stars of the show...... The astonishing Vendors! Honestly, you would have issue there was a prize for the most very creative booth..... Every single one, no exceptions, would be amazing!

I had a professional photographer business took pictures in the morning before customers and prospects arrived so , instead of showing you my once beautiful shiny red Kodak photo's belonging to the booths...... I am going to wait for the professional benefits!