Friday, May 30, 2014

Of the June Sample Sale Calendar: 40 and Counting!

A shot since Equipment's spring 2013 campaign

Tory Burch Halland Silicone Case for iPhone 5

Tune sale season continues this month and what's sure to be a jam-packed May. The tail end of May very well will see the DVF and Front opening Ceremony sample sales, with May ushering in Equipment, Joie, and consequently Current/Elliott, Tory Burch case, Ralph Lauren, La Perla, Kiki de Montparnasse, Shoshanna, and more.

See them all digested by date after the jump. To hold checking back, because we'll you should be updating this list as more and more accessible. Heard of a good one? Let us know in the comment forms!

Young&ng: 70-80% off cuffs, capped teeth, rings and more; 39 W. fourteenth St [Dealfeed]

Diane seitens Furstenberg: Markdowns on women's; 260 Fifth Ave [Dealfeed]

Captain christopher Fischer: Deals on women's and consequently men's; 500 Seventh Ave [Dealfeed]

Ovadia & Sons SMART: Discounts on men's clothing; one hundred fifty five Wooster St [Dealfeed]

Shipley & Halmos: Markdowns on of various clothing; 8 Greene St [Dealfeed]

Goorin Bros.: Deals in women's and men's hats; forty five W. 38th St [Dealfeed]

Eva Franco: Discounts on ladies clothing; 420 W. 14th Port st lucie [Dealfeed]

Annelise Michelson: Savings on women's jewelry; 11 Kenmare St [Dealfeed]

Cruciani: Discounts on women's and men's knitwear; 41 W. 57th St [Dealfeed]

Lovely Bride: 40-70% shut off bridal gowns and accessories; 182 Duane St [Dealfeed]

Barullo Fair: Deep discounts on accessories; 260 Elizabeth St [Dealfeed]

Opening Ceremony: Up to 90% shut off; 76 Mercer St [Dealfeed]

Saks Fifth Avenue: Up to 70 percent off bridal gowns; 611 Fifth tip Ave [Dealfeed]

Fleur som du Mal: Discounts on lingerie and consequently RTW; 138 Baxter St [Dealfeed]

Flavor Paper: Up to 72% off wallpaper and more; 216 Off-shore St [Dealfeed]

Cosabella: A lot 70% off lingerie and more; 208 Lafayette St [Dealfeed]

Come Cashmere: Up to 75% off ladies and men's; 231 W. thirty ninth St [Dealfeed]

Lilla R: Up to 70% off women's accessories; 402 W. 13th St [Dealfeed]

Ralph Lauren: Markdowns in women's and men's; 317 N. 33rd St [Dealfeed]

Ernest Alexander: 40-60% off men's apparel; 261 W. 36th St [Dealfeed]

Simon Showroom: Deals in women's clothing; 95 Fifth Kontrollere [Dealfeed]

Equipment, Joie, Current/Elliott: Discounts on all 3; 260 Fifth Ave [Dealfeed]

Renew Cashmere, Cambio: Up to 80% shut off women's; 411 W. 52nd Port st lucie [Dealfeed]

Kiki de Montparnasse: Up to 80% off seasonal contour; 79 Greene St [Dealfeed]

Mara Hoffman: Deals on transfer and RTW; 201 Mulberry Port st lucie [Dealfeed]

La Perla: A lot 80% off lingerie and RTW; 225 Fifth Ave [Dealfeed]

Pono: 50-80% off women's gorgeous jewelry; 347 W. 36th St [Dealfeed]

Alice + Olivia: Savings on women's clothing; 260 Fifth tip Ave [Dealfeed]

Soltek: A lot 80% off clutches, totes etc.; 135 W. 28th St [Dealfeed]

Sferra: Up to 70% shut off fine luxury linens; 317 N. 33rd St [Dealfeed]

Conservateur Burch: Discounts on apparel, dress shoes and bags; 261 W. thirty sixth St [Dealfeed]

Shoshanna: A lot 75% off swimwear and clothing; 231 W. 39th St [Dealfeed]

James Jeans: 50-80% shut off women's denim; 500 Greenwich Port st lucie [Dealfeed]

Tocca: Up to 72% off women's, candles and cologne; 542 W. 22nd St [Dealfeed]

Nicholas K: Markdowns in women's clothing; 435 Broome Port st lucie [Dealfeed]

Gerard Yosca: 50-70% off luxury costume jewelry; 246 W. 38th St [Dealfeed]

eM Productions: Up to 70% shut off women's clothing; 636 Broadway [Dealfeed]

Yosi Samra: 60-70% shut off women's shoes and bags; 515 Greenwich St [Dealfeed]

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